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♥Valentine’s Day!

What is this “Single’s Appreciation Day” which you speak of? I really do need to find out.  Isn’t Valentine’s Day for single’s too?

At least, that’s what I’ve always thought.  Elementary school, you make Valentine’s Day mailboxes and bring Valentines for the whole class.  You have a party and heart shaped cookies and candy.  In Jr. High/Middle School I can’t remember what we did, but I do remember trying to wear red or pink and probably sending Valentine grams to friends.  In high school our drama club sold singing Valentines and then took turns each classroom period being the ones who got to visit the lucky recipients and make fools out of ourselves (in a fun way) by singing to them.  And while there were some between couples, a lot of them were also between friends, albeit often to tease each other.  Who wouldn’t want to be sung a Rod Stewart song in the middle of biology class?  For some reason back then, Valentines was my favorite holiday.  I think I was only dating someone maybe one of the Valentine’s Days I had in high school, but I loved the idea of “spreading the love” and wearing the heart patterned top I’d made in sewing class freshman year and bringing a bag of candy to pass out to people.  Any excuse to celebrate something.

So while I know so many of us would like to be married instead of single what’s the point in thinking, after all those years in school of “friendly Valentines” that we can’t appreciate the holiday with friends, in whatever way we’d like to even without a significant other.

Now, I admit, I have two kids, and a lot of the fun in the day comes for me in that way.  I love picking out a funny Valentine for my teenage son, and something I think my daughter will appreciate in her tween years.  I miss the years when they were still little enough to cut and paste Valentine’s Day crafts.  This year my daughter made a Valentine and a necklace for an Achievement Day activity.  I think she’s planning to give them to someone else, but I’m okay with that.  😉  (She makes me stuff all the time.  I’ll live.)

So what say ye?  Valentine’s Day, or “Singles Awareness Day?”  (I promise I’ll try not to cringe and say “Grinch” if you vote for that one.)  Or, both?

And I would love to see some comments on this one!  I may just give you a chocolate for it, if I recognize who you are. ♥


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