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5 Ways ‘The Bachelor’ Is Hurting Women—And What We Can Learn From It

photo by Paolo Neo

photo by Paolo Neo


from Carol Tuttle: 

“First, let me be clear that I’m not making a judgment about any of the women on the show and certainly not on anyone of you who may enjoy watching it.

This is simply my invitation for us all to be more aware of what this show is telling us—as well as challenge us to examine our own emotions and beliefs about ourselves so we can all become more conscious and compassionate.

Even if Carol’s “Energy Profiling” isn’t your thing, this is a great article: 

Are you a contestant trapped on ‘The Bachelor’ without even realizing it?

How you are you playing out this drama in your own life?

“Take a moment for some self-reflection to examine your own thoughts and emotions about yourself:

  • Do you often compare yourself to others?
  • Do you base your value on your outward appearance?
  • When you are around other attractive women, do you feel inferior?
  • Do you perceive other women as a threat?
  • Do you often feel overlooked or that no one really “gets you”?
  • Do you feel you really deserve something but it seems like others steal your chance for success?
  • How do you respond when another woman you know gets something you want? (A raise, a promotion, gets engaged, has a baby, etc?)”

Read more HERE.


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(POLL) Attention Women/Chicks/Girls: what do you like to be called?

Imagegeneric woman file
This is a topic that has come up often with friends on Facebook and in real life over the years.  I’m curious to see what we can find out here.  So, women who are over 18, here is a poll (sorry guys, maybe next time):

Answers inspired by Shawn Gordon of LDS Dimension.  More on his new dating site in an upcoming post.

If you’d rather not be called a chick/woman/girl (any of these) or prefer lady or woman over girl etc., how come?  Please share!