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“Live MormonAds” Part 4

Part 4 of  the “live Mormonads” that some of our ward members cam up with at a Home Evening activity. We were given a list of possible phrases to use and told that we could only use photos from our phones, and that we couldn’t use photos from online. We had less than an hour to see how many we could come up with and to e-mail them to our home evening leader.

Click on the photos for links to the talks or articles that they came from, or that pertain to the phrase.

STOP IT paint collage

This topic of judging others could actually be taught in a two-word sermon. When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, please apply the following:

Stop it!

Which way are we heading

D&C 121:45, as quoted by Elder Jorg Klebingat in “Approaching the Throne of God With Confidence


the future is as bright

A play on a quote from President Monson, “The Future is as Bright as Your Faith,” from the talk “Be of Good Cheer.” (click on the photo for a link to the talk)


The foundation of your character

As quoted in Elder Jorg Klebingat’s talk, “Approaching the Throne of God With Confidence”


The choice is yours


My young brothers, (and sisters) if you are not proactive in educating your desires, the world will do it for you. Every day the world seeks to influence your desires, enticing you to buy something, click on something, play something, read or watch something. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You have agency. It is the power to not only act on your desires but also to refine, purify, and elevate your desires. Agency is your power to become. Each choice takes you closer to or further from what you are meant to become; each click has meaning. Always ask yourself, “Where will this choice lead?” Develop the ability to see beyond the moment. …Elder Randall L. Ridd

Technology can lead us to Christ

 Owning a Smartphone Does Not Make You Smart, but Using It Wisely Can


I recently received a letter from a woman who reported having endured great suffering in her life. A terrible wrong, which she did not identify but alluded to, had been committed against her. She admitted that she struggled with feelings of great bitterness. In her anger, she mentally cried out, “Someone must pay for this terrible wrong.” In this extreme moment of sorrow and questioning, she wrote that there came into her heart an immediate reply: “Someone already has paid.” …President Boyd K. Packer

Somebody has already paid

Somebody has already paid(2)

Somebody already had paid

Share the gospel with a friend

Set your Do It Switch to NOW!

Set your _do it_ switch to NOW

Scatter sunshine

Scatter sunshine(2)

Rescue in unity

Ponder the path of thy feet

Ponder the path of thy feet

Ponder the path of thy feet(3)

Ponder the path of thy feet(2)

Ponder the Path of thy Feet (2)

Lord, is it I_

lord is it i


Forget Me Not


One day I had the opportunity to drive President James E. Faust to a stake conference. During the hours we spent in the car, President Faust took the time to teach me some important principles about my assignment. He explained also how gracious the members of the Church are, especially to General Authorities. He said, “They will treat you very kindly. They will say nice things about you.” He laughed a little and then said, “Dieter, be thankful for this. But don’t you ever inhale it.”

That is a good lesson for us all, brethren, in any calling or life situation. We can be grateful for our health, wealth, possessions, or positions, but when we begin to inhale it—when we become obsessed with our status; when we focus on our own importance, power, or reputation; when we dwell upon our public image and believe our own press clippings—that’s when the trouble begins; that’s when pride begins to corrupt.

…President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Don't inhale itNever Inhale It

Ask the missionaries, they can help


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Part 3, “Live MormonAds”

“Live MormonAds” Part 3, from an activity our ward did. For an explanation, see:

Live MormonAds Part 1

Live MormonAds Part 2

Part 3:

Glow and Grow Brighter

Glow _ grow brighter Glow _ grow brighterGlow and grow brighterGlow and grow brighter


The wrong angle in life separates us from Christ

How bad are you


My soul hungered…

My Soul Hungered


Keep your eye on the Savior

Keep you eye on the Savior


Which way do you face?

Which way do you face_ Which way do you face_(2) Which way do you face Which way do you face


Lengthen your stride!


President Spencer W. Kimball: 1895-1985

Lengthen Your Stride Lengthen your stride Lengthen your stride(2)



Lift where you stand.


Lift where you stand(2)

Lift where you stand Lift where you stand Lift where you stand(3)

Lift Piano LDS Living

LDS Living: link



 …And More to Come

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“Live MormonAds” Part 2

Continued from Part 1: See if you can remember the talks that these came from.

Embrace Obedience

Embrace obedience Embrace obedience(2)


Envy is the Mistake That Just Keeps On Giving

Envy is the mistake that just keeps on giving


Do Your Calling Well: Serve Your Fellow Sister

Do your calling well


Every Calling Is Important

Every calling is important

Sunday School teacher, our Bishop, chorister


every calling is important Every calling is important (2) Every Calling is Important !


Come and See

Come and see


Exercise Your Faith

Exercise your faith Exercise your faith(2) exercise your faith (2) Exercise faith


Fill the Whole Earth

Fill the Whole Earth Fill the whole earth Fill the Whole Earth (2)


Fear Not What Man Can Do

Fear not what man can do


Free to Choose

Free to Choose Free to choose (3) Free to Choose (2)



Gather the Saints…

Gather the Saints


Guided Safely Home

"Sister Bishop" doing metaphorically something that she does well.

“Sister Bishop” doing metaphorically something that she does well.

And more to come tomorrow….

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Singles Ward Activity: “Living” MormonAds

For our ward home evening last night, we were given a long list of dozens of quotes from past General Conferences, including the most recent one. We then had an hour to make the most “memes” we could. For fun, we were prohibited from using photos from the internet (only our phone) and we got bonus points for using the people in our teams in the photos. Teams were chosen by the random pieces of candy that we had chosen from a bag on our way in.

I’m posting what the teams came up with by the quote that inspired them. Remember, our short hour and use of (mostly) only ourselves inspired some silliness. Maybe your ward could have fun doing something similar.  In the midst of the silliness, though, it was a great way to remind ourselves of some of the lessons from Conference and some classic quotes as well.

This will probably take up several blog posts. For more great ward home evening ideas, try the FHE book by Janna McFerson.


 The Sacrament: A Renewal for the Soul

Sister Cheryl A. Esplin: The Sacrament – A Renewal for the Soul



A renewal for thy soul


“Bread of Life, Living Water”

Elder James J. Hamula: The Sacrament and the Atonement

 Bread of Life, Living water Bread of Life, Living water(2)



“Are We Not All Beggars?”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “Rich or poor, we are to ‘do what we can’ when others are in need.”


Are we not all beggars_(2) Are we not all beggars_

“Catch the Wave!”

“I thank God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for the Restoration and its power to propel a magnificent wave of truth and righteousness across the earth.” Elder Russell M. Nelson

Catch the Wave (2)
catch the wave (3)
Catch the wave