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Why this site?


A few weeks after I came up with the idea for this site, and as I was getting ready to write my introduction, it suddenly seemed like everyone around me was talking more openly about their own personal feeling regarding being single and LDS. Our “Home Evening” leader, Brad, opened up a discussion about “being LDS and single” as our activity for that week. He was very open and honest about his own feelings, blessings, and hang-ups; as were most of those present, who totaled about 15 to 20 “ mid-singles” (ages 31 to 45) from our ward, located in Provo, Utah. (And, for those of you who think I may not know how you feel, coming from Provo, I’ve only spent three years total as a single in Utah: two in my early twenties and, most recently, 1 ½ years at the age of 40.) It was a very refreshing discussion. One of my friends said, “maybe I shouldn’t admit this, because it’s not “cool” to acknowledge it, but I want to be married! I have always wanted to be married.” I find it both interesting and sad at times that any of us might get the idea that we can’t admit that we’d like to be married, or conversely that we are learning to enjoy the things singles can do that are more difficult to do when one is married.

Unlike some, I have been married before. My divorce was final about 8 years ago, after 8 years of marriage. While I can’t say I understand every possible configuration of singles’ experiences, I am hoping that this site can give LDS Singles, and friends and family members of LDS Singles, the opportunity to do just that. Hopefully this will become a blog where people can find information and links for a wide variety of issues faced by those of our faith, for people who are more comfortable in their “singledom” and those who aren’t. We all have a wide range of experiences that can be shared both in comments on posts that you relate to and (hopefully) guest posts from around the LDS World that can help lift us up, feel less alone, and understand each other better and find ways to solve whatever issues are plaguing us most as individuals and ward members, whether we’ve been married before or not, or whether or not we have kids, or if we’re in our 20’s, 30’s, or beyond. I can’t hope to accomplish all of this with each post, but hopefully, over time, and through the Spirit, some of it can be accomplished little by little. “By small and simple things can great things be brought to pass.” (Alma 37:6)

This blog is intended for singles at any age in the LDS Church. Hopefully those who aren’t LDS who come across this might find some comfort and humor here as well. I already have a long list of possible topics for blog posts, (and will include a little of my own life, as well, but hopefully not enough to drive you crazy!) but ideas for topics and ideas for guest posts are always welcome! Comments on the blog will be subject to approval.

About me: I was born in Fullerton, CA, in the early 70’s, and I was raised in Fullerton and Placentia, in north Orange County, which is just south of Los Angeles. The house I grew up in was just a few freeway exits from Disneyland, and we were about 20 minutes from the beach. Spoiled much? Yup. I graduated from El Dorado High School, and then graduated from Ricks College, where both my father and grandmother had attended, and where the tuition and housing were cheaper than BYU. (That made my parents happy.) I worked at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for a summer, served a mission to Marseille, France, and went to BYU where I met my ex-husband. We lived in Berkeley, Long Beach, and Los Angeles CA, had two adorable children (one in Berkeley, the other at UCLA), then unfortunately went through a divorce. I then lived in Long Beach and Huntington Beach, and now I’m in Provo trying (finally) to finish my B.A. in history at BYU. I have had health issues since my mission which have kept me from being able to work. They’re too complicated to explain here, but I will do at least one blog post on being single and disabled later. One thing about being single and disabled is that those of us who have those things in common seem to find each other. Thank goodness for the blessings of family and friends, both those with disabilities and those without.


Author: pickleclub1971

I'm a single mom of 2: a Southern CA native, who transplanted to Utah 4 years ago. I have one 18 year old who is off to the Ivy League, and one 14 year old who is in high school. I served an LDS Mission to Southern France and I’ve also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Idaho, Northern Arizona, and New Hampshire. I love 80’s music, classical music, choral music, playing the piano, singing, speaking what French I still remember, and talking about history and music with whomever will listen. I love that my kids are better at math than I was at their age. (But they still get frequent historical references from me…anyone familiar with Ducky from NCIS? He’s that kind of medical examiner, I’m that kind of mom.) My kids also think I know all the lyrics to all the songs from the 80’s, mainly because I’m good at making them up and faking it when I don’t know. Sometimes they catch me. I’m currently disabled with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I want to get better (of course) and be an advocate for trauma survivors and others with mental illnesses. I like people in general. I suffer from the delusion that I can make everyone my friend, but of course that isn’t possible: but I still believe that the world can be a better place.

2 thoughts on “Why this site?

  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be
    bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  2. Hello! I have an article on my personal blog for LDS single adults that’s relevant to your audience. I appreciate the work you’re doing on this blog and I’d love to discuss some of my ideas for guest posts with you in more detail. I couldn’t find your contact information on this blog, so please send me an email. I’ve included the link to my blog below.

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