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Utah singles: FREE Coaching Session with Alisa Goodwin Snell

If you haven’t heard of Alisa Goodwin Snell, dating coach, you can find her website here and the good experiences some of my friends had working with her or her “dating system” here. (As an aside, both friends are now married, and one had a baby this past year.) And no, I don’t work for her.

Her motto is, “It’s Not You, It’s Your Technique.” Here’s what she has to say about her limited time offer:

From not dating to struggling to commit, feel an emotional connection, or progress toward marriage, I have answers.

For a limited time, I’m offering 1/2 hour sessions for FREE. I’d love to answer your questions. All you need to do is click the link below to schedule an appointment or, if you prefer, you can call (801) 447-6000.

Schedule a FREE coaching session with Alisa 


I look forward to helping you in any way I can.


Alisa Goodwin Snell

(801) 447-6000


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Are you influencing or manipulating others?



I want singles to feel empowered. They are not victims who just react to their circumstances. They can influence their relationships and they need to express their feelings, rights, and needs. But how do singles do this? And where is the line between influencing relationships and manipulating others.

Provided below are several examples of where you need to draw the line both in how you treat others and how you let them treat you.

Asking for change versus manipulating to get what you want

The primary difference between influencing a relationship to meet your needs and manipulating is that when influencing the relationship the other person is not being coerced into giving you what you want. If they chose to participate in meeting your needs it is their option and they have the relevant information they need to make the decision. They understand what the request means to you and…

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Review: Alisa Goodwin Snell, Dating Coach/Dating System

290px-Eugen_de_Blaas_The_FlirtationI first heard of Alisa Goodwin Snell when I read an article written by her for LDS Living.  She advertised some audios at a discounted price, so I bought a few and was really impressed. You can also see one of her articles re-blogged here.

I hesitate to call her “Utah’s Dating Coach,” because I want people to realize that they can access her materials from anywhere. The additional advantage for those in Utah is that they can also meet with her.

I have several friends who have bought her system and even one who has been meeting with her in person.  So, instead of making you hear only from me, two of them (who would like to be called “Bruce” and “Wayne) (yes, they came up with that together) did their own write-ups of what they feel they have gotten from their experience with her system:

from “Wayne”:

I’ve attended every single dating and relationship class I could get my hands on and never had very good results.  I was so familiar with the concepts and principles that I could possibly have taught them myself.  What I was truly lacking was how to put them into practical use.

My roommate and I constantly conversed over how to fall in love and identify when it happens.  You should see the diagrams and written formulas we devised.  We even jokingly agreed to write a book once we both finally got married and we’d title it “Finally!: How we did it”.  We would converse with many other people, married and almost married, and many of the responses to “how did you fall in Love?” usually resulted in “You just know,” or “You just have to find the right one”, or “In God’s time, it’ll just happen”.  And for a person like me who thinks in terms of “I do something – then something happens”, these answers all seem like cop-out platitudes.

Then I saw Alisa Goodwin Snell’s book’s tagline: “It’s not you, it’s your technique”.  Once I saw that line I bought her stuff.  Here was finally some instructions on what to DO and not just philosophy.  She gives instructions on posture, grooming, phraseology, and she even demonstrated them.  I already knew I was a great guy – I’d been told that many times before – I just needed to know the body language do’s and don’ts and so forth.  Now I’m engaged to a gorgeous woman and never been happier.

from “Bruce”:

I have not really applied some other aspects of her specific dating system even though I have read a lot of it of her material in her books and watched her videos.  I like how she presents a very detailed step by step way to approach dating.   

What really pulled me in to her theories is an article she wrote called “He’s amazing and still single – why?”

And her follow up article for the ladies: “He’s amazing and still single, and what can she do about it?” 

When I read the first article I found there were some familiar symptoms in regards to things she was describing that had happened in my previous dating relationships.  

I decided to purchase her seven part audio series to these articles which really helped quite a bit.  She describes anxiety and pressure as things that cause certain men to not be able to bond emotionally with those they date and how their perceptions of past relationships when they were young have them “compare” their current dating relationships with an “idealized” one of the past when they were much younger and it was easier for them to bond emotionally. 

It helped me to perceive more things that had happened in my previous relationships where anxiety had stopped me from feeling positive feelings and allowing me to bond with those I was dating.  

When I had dated these girls in the past I would go through a barrage of all kinds of positive and negative emotions.  It was really hard at the time and I just deduced that if it was this hard over a period of time and I wasn’t bonding with them emotionally then the relationship must not be right.  She helped me realize that it was anxiety and pressure that might have been part of the problem.  She helped me identify different thinking errors that can be factors in regards to anxiety and pressure. 

I’ve been seeing Sister Snell for the last few months for monthly checkups.  I’m currently dating someone right now and I still go through the barrage of positive and negative emotions and there are times where it is VERY HARD and I want to give up because I’m not emotionally engaged with the person I’m seeing at times.  However – I believe that Sister Snell’s theories have some merit and I’ve seen some success where I go through moments of feeling beautiful feelings for the person I am dating.  I trust that if I am persistent and trust in the Lord that I will have success as I try to learn to overcome the anxiety that I will be able to get through it and develop a bond with the person I am dating. 

 I don’t “know” for sure that this is the correct path that I’m on but I believe and have faith that I am on the right path because of some of the things I’ve seen and learned along the way.  

I really feel like Thomas Edison in his lab trying to get the light bulb or in my case “positive feelings and emotional bonding” to not only work – but to stay on longer and to get brighter.  Edison didn’t really know what to do – but he tried different things in faith and persisted.  He did not give up and he saw little successes along the way and we have the light bulb we have today because of Edison.

You can currently access her “Lasting Love Academy” for free for 7 days.  Alisa emphasizes that they don’t even ask for a credit card or debit card, so you won’t have to worry about cancelling anything.  I just signed up today to have a look.  One thing I’ve really enjoyed about her materials so far is the sheer breadth of topics that she covers: dating after a divorce, when to introduce children, how to recognize red flags (lots on that, and very helpful…not the typical short list that you might usually get), how to take advantage (in a good way) of being in a single’s ward, when to bring up difficult subjects, and on and on.  I also got to take a look at “Wayne’s” materials and was impressed by the emphasis on setting achievable personal goals that will help no matter what kind of success you have at dating, and the gospel ideal of faith being more important than fear.

If you’re hesitant to try, I would recommend at least doing the 7 Day Trial and/or listening to my favorite audio,

Avoid settling — create your Top-Ten List

I had a roommate who owned a “Dr. Phil” book with the same topic which I thought was very helpful, and I like Alisa’s version even more! I would still recommend the Dr. Phil book if you stumble upon it, but there are aspects of how she asks you to go about making your “list” that are different and more specific than his, especially for those who are LDS.

You should be able to find answers to your questions through links above, but again, here are the most helpful links to her material:

Alisa Goodwin Snell’s website, It’s not you, It’s Your Technique, where you can also find big red buttons to sign up for 7 free days of access to her online materials. (And she’s not paying me, or asking me to do this.)

It’s Not You, It’s Your Technique: Alisa Goodwin Snell